Broken Wing

Oh no! You fell from the top of a tree and broke your wing. Make your way back up while unlocking various upgrades and try to beat high scores. Unlock upgrades for awesome bonuses and progress further in game! Contains a brand new expansion for the fans! Including new game modes and improvements. Do you have what it takes to try the new Insane Mode?

  • A heartbreaking adventure and a quest for love. Progress in levels as you jump up the tree.
  • Multiple powerups including golden wings and air tunnels to help you achieve higher scores
  • 3 game modes including quest mode where you unlock various upgrades as you progress. A challenge mode where you try to compete for high scores with all upgrades unlocked. And a new insane mode with increased speeds for more advanced players.
  • A game suitable for all ages.
Available on the iOS

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection is optional.

Available on the Windows Marketplace

Requirements: Compatible with Windows Phone 7/8. Requires Windows Phone 7/8. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection is optional.

Plus Version Content

Includes plus version with additional game modes and changes.

Addictive level up system as you progress further in game.

Includes quest mode where you purchase various upgrades and progress in game.

Best jump game ever, and I love the music =)

5/5 - Mystique9000

I love it and I would happily pay 99c just to get rid of the adds that sometimes you hit so well done good game worthy of a 99c price tag and a update with some more nice soft music :)



5/5 - Player496821478

Best of it's gerne bar none with an epic soundtrack! I would like to see a bar that displays the progress required to go to the next level in the future upgrades. I'd definitely pay for this.

5/5 - Player029235894

Best game on my HTC Trophy

5/5 - EdinDzeko10Best
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